The Frazzled Mom

The Frazzled Mom is more than coaching. It is a community for high stressed and overwhelmed parents and caregivers.

Born from the need to raise awareness to and prevent parental and caregiver burnout.  The Frazzled Mom is  centered around self-care.  We focus on what you need to be healthy and complete.  That looks different for everyone. It may look like: Building Self-confidence and recognizing self-worth, Reconnecting with You, Strengthening belief systems, Creating a life that fits who you are today, Building parental confidence, Community advocacy and mediation,  Navigating the search for a diagnosis for your child, Next steps for you after your child receives a diagnosis, Understanding family behaviors to create and strengthen a peaceful environment, Navigating spousal relationships before during and after receiving your child’s diagnosis or entering the caregiving role.

Or it may simply be a cup of tea and someone to talk to. Together we’ll figure it out!