The Art of Celebrating

The Art of Celebrating

For some it’s all about “Go big or go home!” for others it’s more intimate and personal.

There are many reasons to celebrate; birthdays, holidays, graduating, personal milestones, the list is endless. Whatever the reason is that you are celebrating it is tremendously important that you do just that – celebrate! If something has happened in your life that you are proud of, that has made you feel good, celebrate it. Shout it from the roof tops, throw a party, go dancing, sing at the top of your lungs, call all your friends and family, treat yourself to dinner or quietly enjoy the moment by smiling and reminiscing about the journey you took to get there. However you choose to acknowledge the moment – do it! Do not let it pass.

Celebration is key to achieving and maintaining your goals and moving forward from that point on. It is important to recognize your success. When you feel good about something you are more apt to do it again – am I right? When you really embrace that feeling it will propel you forward and give you confidence to tackle the next goal.

Reasons for celebrating are not always out in the open for everyone to see or we may not be the sole owner of that moment. The good news is there does not exist a “rule” that says you cannot share feelings of pride, accomplishment and success. You, by virtue of being you, played a role in an event that brought success. Own the pleasure of it. Smile and feel the warmth building inside and celebrate you!

Myself, I do just that. When my son completed his final exam for high school I was overjoyed! He succeeded…and I helped him get there! I celebrated not only for him but for me as well. It was a long journey of doctor visits, IEPs, evaluations and advocating that had resulted in a high school diploma and several college applications! Yahooooo! We did it together.

Why are you celebrating?