The Importance of Letting Go


Everyone has something that they carry with them as they go on living their lives. It is often referred to as “baggage”. Baggage is what remains from the past. The past can be something as far back as our childhood or it can be as close as yesterday.

“In our present we are continually creating tomorrows’ past.”

Baggage can take any shape or form. Realization of the effects of your own personal baggage may strike at any time or not at all. Your past may, in some way, shape or form, prevent you from moving forward in your life and accomplishing your goals. Baggage is not necessarily something bad. An experience, a memory, a thought, an emotion; It is how an individual chooses to deal with what their baggage that is reflected in their daily lives.

Only you are responsible for you.

Only you can deal with the baggage you’ve acquired through your life. Ask for help, seek some outside guidance. When needed, it is the role of a Life Coach to help you sort where the contents of your past fit in your present life, to guide you in determining what you want to keep as baggage and what is best to let go.

In an ideal world all people would be happy and peaceful all the time without ever having experienced anything negative. Nothing would bother them. They would grow and prosper and everything they ever hoped to achieve would come their way. That would be great! Think of how amazing that would be if every individual were that happy!

That is your possibility.
Bad things do happen. We don’t live in a bubble. People or things rub us the wrong way, catastrophes happen every day.

“We can take control of what shapes us, how we choose to live our lives.”
Be aware of the control you possess over your life and your happiness.

Be aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and reactions. Bring into your consciousness how what you are doing is effecting your life, your mood. How are you holding yourself? What is your posture like? Do you make eye contact with other people? Are you smiling? Have you taken the time to say thank you? How often do you do the things you enjoy? What do you enjoy?

I’ll leave you here to reflect on those questions 
Until next time,
Take care of you,