Laying the Foundation for Self-care

As primary care providers, either as parents or caregivers, we often lead with our hearts. UNTIL the decision we are faced with involves us personally. Then the mind chimes in . Too frequently with doubts and limiting beliefs. Learning to care for ourselves with the same amount of confidence and gusto that we give our person.

Your personal belief system creates the foundation for your decision making.

When your heart and your mind are in sync - the decision is made. No matter how difficult and perhaps painful the process is: when every fibre of your being tells you this is the direction to go - listen! On the other side of pain and discomfort is joy, happiness, and choice. Choose to be true to yourself . The best choice isn't always the easiest, it's the one that will bring you peace.

A belief is simply a thought that you've thought again and again over time. They are changeable. Therefore all of the self talk that prevents you from doing the thing that will aid in your mental, emotional, or physical health, is CHANGEABLE !

When you find yourself challenged to take care of yourself:

ask your self "why?"

be brutally HONEST with yourself

ask yourself "is that true?"

tell yourself the TRUTH

ask "how do I know this is true?"

ask "when did I start believing this?"

ask "do I need to correct this belief?"

ACCEPT your truth - the REAL TRUTH

accept that the answers you find may not be what you expected

accept that choosing to care for yourself is essential


release blame

ALLOW self-acceptance

allow self-pride

allow self-compassion

allow self-love

allow self-confidence


DO the thing that you want/need to do for YOU!

Until next time, Take care of you!


Supporting Essential Oils for the process are Lemmongrass, Bergamot, Vetiver, and Litsea

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